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Tuesday, October 13, 2015

I'm about to change the industry standard in network marketing.

The title you read is correct. No typos there.

I love to present facts and not theories. By now most of you know that I'm into network marketing and absolutely love it. Everything about it. The challenges, the hard work, the people and of course the rewards.

There are more benefits working for a networking/mlm company than most of you even realize. Waking up and going into your home office to do your daily work, feels so refreshing if you actually love the company you work for and the service(s) or product(s) you get to share with others are something they would also love, want and care about.

Normally to be successful in an online program, you either have sell a lot of their products and or need to recruit a ton of people. The industry standard for the "average" networker can only recruit 2 people.

I personally say than "anyone" can make money online and it's true. However, I don't want the "average" person joining a program with me unless they understand the WORK that is involved. Yes, it takes WORK, persistence and joy! NEVER GIVE UP.

I'm creating a team within a company that will be exceptionally large. My goal with this team is to make sure each and every person can create a nice monthly residual income.

But how can that work since this company utilizes a very well balanced matrix where each person must recruit 3 people in order to start making that awesome residual income, but the average person seems to only be able to recruit 2 people?

Stop the traditional way of recruiting!

Do not force this amazing service that we offer down people's throat. No more traditional marketing. It's time we show people ALL the benefits, why would they want to join this program and use our product or service? We must invite and share our company with them. No need for autoresponders constantly asking them to join or buy from us. We MUST be personal.

Be interested in them! Be genuine. Be honest. Listen to them. Explain it clearly so that it make sense to them. Have them picture themselves presenting this opportunity with others. Can they do it? If not, tell them to save their time and money.

I want to show you 100% exactly what I do and how I do it. How I get people from around the world interested in what I have to offer. This company wants each of us to be successful. That's one main reason why I chose to come work with them.

You get on the phone with me, or meet me in person, and I will show you steps to follow for the road map to success.

Now you and your people and their people and so on, can finally build a long lasting organization where each person makes a continuously increasing monthly residual income online from their home office in their spare time.

Are you ready to come work with us?

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