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Friday, June 5, 2015

Now you can get hundreds of REAL TIME leads with people ready to buy from your website DAILY!

I cannot believe I never seen this before.

I just bought this and already made 13 sales today 6/5/2015 and the day is just starting.

Here is a sample ad I have placed on a few free classifieds to get the sales from this today:

24/7 Red-Hot Buyer Leads on Auto-Pilot!

That's all I did. The system gives us hundreds of pre-written scripts to chose from. It's all on autopilot.

All this for a one-time cost of $7.00 plus you make $6.00 commissions over and over again.

Check it out, I PROMISE you will not be disappointed.

Monday, June 1, 2015

Working from home vs working at a job. Which one is right for you?

I've been asked these past few weeks by a bunch of my followers from a few social sites I belong to, to make a post of the differences in working from home and working a job.

So let's get right into it.

J.O.B (we all know that it really stands for, Just Over Broke) where you have to get up early in the morning drive in stand still traffic, arrive at work with a HUGE smile on your face and punch a time clock doing the same ol' job for many years that you may retire from and get a sweet ($200.00) citizens watch....

Ok, so that's the truth with a J.O.B (of course there are many different variances in time amount of traffic if any a person has to sit in and other things, but you get the point) but let's look into this a bit.

You do not get paid unless you go to work. You will not get money for something you did last year or months ago right? There are no residual incomes. Working at a job and for a company can feel rewarding and you may feel a sense of accomplishment, no doubt especially in these hard times. Receiving that hard earned paycheck is great, UNTIL... it all goes to bills and the left over money you have, well, that needs to last another week or maybe 2.

If you have a family, then you will not have the valuable time needed to spend watching your kids grow up. His or her first steps or words will happen when you are at work. Or you may have a temp job while you are attending additional schooling to further your education so that you "might" make an extra $5.00-$10.00 more an hour, is that even worth it though? Yes education is important and I am constantly learning, but more schooling?

Let's break this down a bit. We ALL know that the sad Government makes it so we cannot survive off of the minimum wage here in the USA. But let us take a few examples here:

Ok so let's say you are making ONLY $17.00 an hour and you work hard for 40 hours a week with 2 days off to recoop from all that hard work. 40hours X $17.00= 680 weekly that's $2720 a month then you have taxes that uncle Sam needs for ummm more missiles...?, so you will not be bringing home that tiny $2720 but a little less depending on taxes in your area. $32640 minus taxes a year. Are you really happy with that? Even if you were making $25.00 an hour, how can people live off of that these days?

Let us take a moment and look into the "work from home" arena.

You find someone out there that has a proven track record in making great money online and see if that person has helped thousands make money online too. You then do your own due diligence for the program they are sharing with you, so that you can make an educated decision before you get started.

If the person can offer you a way to make money within the first 24-48 hours of joining, then you may be in the right business.

Ok, so now you're in the program, depending on the program, most companies and online programs depend on more people coming in. That goes for pretty much any and ALL companies in the world. The wonderful thing about companies you will find here on this blog, is that YOU will make a residual income as well as the many other ways to earn money daily and weekly. So you will get paid for the rest of your life from past work. You work today, and you get paid forever.

Why live paycheck to paycheck, when you can make the money you are worth. Work smart, get paid from your efforts and the efforts of others. Sounds awesome to me.

Having to ask the "boss" for time off or for that vacation you deserve does not sound like freedom.

How would you like to work only 10 - 20 hours a week for a month or 2 and make more money that you ever thought was possible? You can now!

Today, you can finally have the time to spend with your family. Have extra money for that new car. Go to that special travel destination that you have only dreamed about. Pay all of your bills and feel AMAZING about it. Wake up when you want to and just go somewhere without worrying about gas money.

It's true, there will always be people that work at a "normal" job and we all need that and we are thankful for them. Who else is going to drive our great grocery's to the market? Who will work at that market for us to purchase our foods? We need them people that offer their great services.

With that said, working from home isn't for everyone. I have a friend that even if he were to win the POWERBALL of $300+ millions, he would continue to work for "the man". Hmmm... ok.

Also, some people love their jobs so much that they just want to supplement their income. Many people do that with some of the programs offered within this blog and that is fine.

Every program ever created since the first "work from home" program was ever introduced to anyone, takes WORK!

People need to know that. But it has become easier and easier now to make money online since you will be working with a person that knows what to do and does it right. When you have perfect road, right vehicle and the top of the line driver, (Road= Marketing tools, Vehicle=Program/Business, Driver=Person to assist you in success) your success will happen. Follow instructions and work close with your mentor and your goals are right around the corner.

What is the most money you have ever made in 1 week? Now, take that amount and divide it by the amount of work needed to make it. Ok what did you come up with? Let me show you a proven formula that I used to make more money in a month than some people make in a year.

So after reading this, which one is right for you?

If you decide to work from home, be that stay at home mom or dad, if you are a college student, retired and need extra income, already have a part time or full time job and want to know more about working from home, then contact me Jack Casarez and let us build our success together.