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Thursday, June 11, 2015

IBO Tool Box is amazing and helping thousands connect with like-minded individuals

I just joined a new social networking site called IBO Tool Box because I believe that making friends from all over the world is a great way to share ideas, thoughts and connect with other business minded individuals. Also friends, this is 100% FREE. Everyone loves FREE.

Here is a link to join today:

See you all in the inside.

IBOTOOLBOX stands for Independent Business Owners Toolbox and if your asking the question is IBOTOOLBOX a scam the answer is NO.

IBO is a network of online business owners. IBOTOOLBOX provides a place where independent business owners can market their businesses in many different ways for free.

It’s named TOOLBOX for the reason that there is a toolbox of marketing tools that include everything from social media marketing to press releases that get ranked in Google and are designed to drive traffic to your website or anyone of a variety of social media outlets.

It's the best IMO. Try it out today.

Monday, June 8, 2015

Make money TODAY online the fast and easy way. Let me show you how.

You are about to finally make REAL money online TODAY with Jack Casarez and his team LACasa Group Ventures "LGV"

There are just a few steps to making money online and I mean enough money that you can finally quit your normal job and have more money and freedom than you ever thought possible.

The steps are as follows:

1. Make yourself 2 or 3 brand new email account with either gmail or hotmail.

2. Create a PayPal account.

3. Create a Skype account and download the free software to your desktop.

4. Create a free: Facebook, Twitter, and blog account.

5. Join as many networking websites as possible like LinkedIn, ReferralKey, SalesSpider, and many others. (never spam but simply share with others your programs that you are about to join and make money online with)

6. Brand yourself. (Here are 2 websites I found that contain some great info. 50+tips, 8 tips)

7. Join these programs below to get money coming in daily so that you can start building a wonderful team of people you can work with to join the ultimate program last.


a. Online Processors This will get you around $125-$350 a week coming in right away. I promote this one because so many people complain about joining some programs because of the amount of up-front money it takes to get started. So I call this the "stepping Stone" program because of the super low start-up cost. And it works! It has been operating since 2010.

b. Wishes 2 Reality With the new money you have coming in from program (a), it's time to generate even more money. This one will yield around $500-$2000 a week. This program has been operating since 2008 and has helped people generate serious income.

Now for the Ultimate business.

This one will be around for many many years and is helping thousands of people right now save each and everyday on ALL leisure activities. The reason I saved this one for the last, is because by now you will be making more money than you ever thought was possible online with me and this one takes a bit more money to join as it is a real brick and mortar company. Just like if you were to go out and franchise with Starbucks, McDonald's, etc. It is called "A Leisure Life"

Unlike many other online gurus out there, I share EXACTLY what I do to make money from home without leaving anything out ever. To me, there is no competition, so I am not afraid to help people. In reality, helping you helps me. That's pretty much my saying. I am here to help you with domain names and any other ideas. Let's get to work.