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Sunday, October 11, 2015

Company hopping isn't going to make you any money.

Today in this post is about all those people (you know who you are) that just love wasting money by going around joining companies just like it's a game jumping from one company to the next.

Friends, I need to stop you right there.

I understand that if you're in a company and you have zero support, trying to sell a product no one really wants, needs or cares about, then wanting to leave it to look for something else, is fine and sometimes that can make sense and can actually be a savior for you.

I know people that join "the latest and greatest" new programs that come out pretty much on a daily basis and most of those companies are the "fly by night" type, never offering people a real legit and sustainable way to make a living. Here today and gone tomorrow.

Company hopping is a game. It's a gamble. You will never make any real progress in doing so nor will you ever build a solid list of people trusting in you. When you send out your link to your new program here is what people say:

"Oh look it's so and so, this is the 15th program they joined this week and they just sent us another link to join with them in their 1 day adventure, hmmm wonder if I should join with them because that new company has all types of flashy videos, cool sports cars and even a sweet jet, promising you can get one too if you recruit half the world..."

Friends, I see these type of programs come across my desk every single day.

Here's the magic. Networking is GOLDEN. Making real friends and talking to one another to see what each others goals are will help you both determine if the new joint venture is something that benefits you both.

Get into a real company that offers individuals worldwide (make sure your company can operate around the globe) something that every person wants. A comp plan that is easy and understandable. A true support team willing and able to assist you in your growth. Find a team leader to work with who's been successful and knows the industry. Be prepared to put in work! If the company you join says become a millionaire in less than a week, push the NEXT button on your networking keyboard.

I strongly believe and educate people about the beauty of multiple streams of income. That is WAY different than "Company Hopping" so please understand that.

Also, if you do find company that you love and are able to share a product or service they offer that everyone wants and you still aren't making any money, DO NOT blame the company! It simply means you joined and were all excited for the first hour and you might be part of the NFL (No Friends Left) so you can't talk to your warm market- (meaning friends family and co-workers) -so you buy a big bag of pork rinds and a 12 pack of beer, pop in front of that TV and think you can rely only from all the spill over- (this is when people are actually working above you and need to place other people that have been recruited, below others to help create sustainability and longevity) -that the people above you will inevitably create. Get off that couch and let's work.

Please understand, making money online always takes a few components. Money, time, effort, a little online know how (reading emails, posting ads, networking via social sites) and persistence.

I've been doing this since I was 17 years old and I'm so extremely happy I never gave up. Even despite all the criticism when I first got started. I heard it all, "Oh Jack go get a real job and make your employers dreams come true, just be thankful for the sustenance and covering and that's all you need". I do give thanks everyday for the blessing I have received. But having a little more isn't bad either.

Have you made money online yet with the current program that you're in? Is selling lotions, potions, pills, teas, wraps, toothpaste, exciting for you to present to people or making you money? Do you have the freedom to spend quality time with your family? Maybe your dream is to get your children out of day care so that you can raise them yourself. Isn't it time for you to make the change for the better? What are you waiting for?

We will always need and be thankful for all those rare people that actually love their jobs and provide us with grocery stores, the delivery of the food we buy at them stores, all sorts of physicians and clinics, service stations and people that help make life a little easier. But they too can make a second source of income by joining a company that will allow them to receive a monthly residual income.

I hope that you enjoyed my latest post and like always, I wish each of you a positive, successful and productive day.

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