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Monday, September 28, 2015

I will be hosting live radio shows in the next few weeks.

Hello friends.

So I decided that I will be hosting a few radio shows in the next few weeks so that everyone can benefit and also get many questions answered about the programs I'm promoting, plus many more educational, training, FAQ type show to follow.

I used to host a show with a good friend many years ago and the time has arrived to offer it to you guys once again.

It will be fun and well worth it to be on the live shows with me if you happen to have a question for a certain person that day.

Of course, each and every radio show will be recorded and made available to be listened to at your convenience.

Here is the info so that you can bookmark it.

Click here to go to my podcast page.

Also, I will give advanced notice to everyone prior to going live on the air.

I may do a couple small shows to get the ball rolling.

Subscribe to this blog and to the shows channel for further updates. Have a wonderful day.

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