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Thursday, June 18, 2015

How serious are you about making money online?

Ok friends check this out.

The other day I was talking with a colleague and he told me something that was absolutely mind blowing in every way!

We both have been working online for a long time, and we deal with people from all over the world, we have pretty much heard it all.

A guy approached him online or in person (I didn't ask about that part, but it's not too important) and said "I am so interested to make money online and I actually need to because there is no job security out there these days, as I just lost my job after 22 years with the same company" I will do anything to make money online and provide for my family of 6".

My friend then said, ok so if I can show you a real legit no hype way to make money online with me. On a scale from 1-10 and 10 being you are ready to start right now no matter what, what number would you be? The guy thought about it for a second and said, I'm a 12!!!!

My friend said well great, a 12 is awesome! I love working with people that excited because you're right about no job security at a normal job because the employer can find someone that can do your job for far less pay, but there really is security in working online for yourself but of course not by yourself as long as you have a great person (a leader) to work with and are into a real program that isn't fake but that has been working for some time now.

He then told the guy, ok so here is what you need to do and don't worry, I will be here every step of the way from you joining the program, to me helping you put out a domain name and marketing your brand new link. ok.

The guy said, OMG ok let's do this.

My friend said, ok so all you need right now is $25.00 to get into the program and from there....

The guy stopped him and said, wait what...? $25.00... OMG I don't have $25.00 to start and who has that much money these days? I thought this was real? I didn't think it took money to make money. I can go right now to tacobell and make money every week without ever paying a penny!!!!

My friend was like, ok, sorry to have wasted your time and mine. Good luck and have a wonderful day.

Guys, that story above is 100% true.

People want, need and have to make money in this world to survive. But for some odd and sad reason, they do not want to invest money (even a few bucks to better their lives) and 99% say "I do not have any money" But you see folks, most people have a few bucks and if they sincerely do not, they can find it right?

YES they can! As a matter of fact, just look at black FRIDAY for example. I see these people that say they don't have any money, yet those same exact people line up for many hours to buy the stupid 65 inch LED screen TV, so they can continue to live paycheck to paycheck with zero job security.

What has happened to our society?

STOP making excuses. If you really want to make money online and you have found a leader to work with that has a LEGIT business opportunity. Then say, "I am ready to begin".

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