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Thursday, November 28, 2013

What it takes to make money in the leisure industry

Instead of trying to put down every other company out there circulating the Internet because of our very unique comp plan (although seriously, no one offers a better comp plan to this date 11/28/2013) what I am going to do here is explain some stats and just what it really takes to be successful in this particular program.

"Stats" The average person knows 7 people/friends. The average networker works hard for the first 3 months then becomes lazy and some stop working. The average person seeking to make money online tries at least 5 programs and loses over $300.00 and fails badly. The #1 industry in the world right now is Leisure. Ok so now that you know I'm honest, here are ways not to EVER fail. "Work with the right person(s) or team"

Ok, so you are interested in making money online, GREAT. What you need to do, is sit down and say to yourself that you are going to be persistent and willing to work very hard, (wait scratch that, not hard but.. very smart) and not give up and treat this like it's your only source of income, because for some it actually is (like it is for me). You need to join with the right person and team. Pay the small upfront 1 time cost which right now the small fee is $149.99 plus $19.99 application fee so a total of $169.98 (you get that back after you get your first 3 people) and you will also be happily billed $99.00 monthly (I say happily because that's where the wonderful residual comes from plus you get that back whenever you get 3 people) and then you start talking to everyone. Making a list of 10 people always helps. Remember, you will hear all kinds of excuses and there is not one of them I haven't heard yet, so don't ever let them people get you down.

You then make a website (a free one works like the one you are on right now) so that you can advertise your main website (the one from the company that will look something like that this you get professionally made by the company) and place that new link on all your social sites, craigslist etc. Invite people to come look at it, people you meet at stores, events, malls, workmates etc.

Also, if you can't seem to close them, no problem, you can get them on the phone with me and I will close them for you. Once you get your 3 people, you help them close their 3 and then the ball starts rolling because everyone will learn how to duplicate everything that just happened since they learned it from each other. Please note, in the event someone ever needs help, the up line will always be willing and ready to assist.

Ok, so now you have in your group, 12 people. You just made a fast start bonus of $600.00 all you need now is 16 more in your group either sponsored by you or not and now you are receiving $1350.00 in residual every month! But that's not even touching the wet paint. The ball continues to roll and people are so excited that now they can save HUGE money on ALL their leisure activities and merchandise and what happens when a person sees a good movie and experiences a great restaurant, they tell everyone. That's exactly what will happen with this. Now that your group is growing and growing, you will start to receive all kinds of fun checks, it only gets better from here.

My team and the company will be coming out with new and fresh marketing material all the time to help advertise and market our new business. I myself will be putting on short to the point webinars. All kinds of fun and new ways to grab the interest of people without ever trying to sell or bother anyone. No one wants to be bothered, but everyone is looking for a real, legit, moral and ethical way to make money from home and now they FINALLY found it. Don't count on the Government to provide jobs, it is going to take network marketing to be the ones to provide steady jobs.

This is it my friends. Contact me for any additional questions and JOIN RIGHT NOW.

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