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Thursday, November 28, 2013

One of the best and easiest “work from home programs” to hit the Internet GUARANTEED!

***We have a better and new improved comp plan, please refer to the chart*** My Main Page For A Leisure Life

I present to you:

“A Leisure Life”

History; A leisure life is a real company that saves people hundreds even thousands on leisure activities and merchandise. They guarantee savings over any other company offering discounted rates on hotel stay, car rentals, cruises, renting a condo and any other fun and exciting leisure for you and your family to enjoy vacations. With these discounts, you are now able to vacation more frequent than ever before.

Here is a quick rundown on what it takes to make money with this brand new program.

• A person gets access to amazing discounts on ALL leisure and merchandise items by becoming a member. Membership costs are super low 1 time initial fee of $69.99 total

• An individual can become and IBO (Independent Business Owner) and will start earning a very nice weekly and monthly income when signing up members and other IBO’s.

• To become an IBO, there are 3 amazing levels, a 1 time initial fee for Silver $199.99 Gold $299.99 and Platinum $599.99.

• Now as you build your team and share this with everyone, bonuses start becoming active. Once you get your 3 people, you will receive checks making your initial fee free and also each time you gain 3 people your monthly fee is waived. So a little work and you are in this unique program at no cost to you.

• Some crazy incentives include: Once you have a total of 12 people in your group whether you brought them in or not, you will receive a check of $600.00 and working a little more, you now see 28 people or 2500 in group commissionable volume you will be receiving a residual check of $1350.00 every month! Now remember, that is barely getting into the exciting stuff.

• When joining my team, you will gain access to free marketing material to help you promote your brand new website which will be professionally made for you by the company, ongoing training anytime you need it, 3 way calls to help close your interested ones, banners, flyers, and so much more. We are a team and we all want to succeed in this amazing program.

• What we are aiming for is to make 2014 the best year financially for everyone.

• So many people are out looking for jobs, many more need that extra income because of babies on the way, rent keeps going up, and cost of living is always rising. We cannot count on the government to provide us with jobs, so we know that it is going to take a company like this to make real results happen and put money in your pockets.

Join us today and get back to the person who shared this information with you and they will be more than happy to explain in detail if you have additional questions. “Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime”.

Visit my personal website here

Watch this company presentation video below.

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