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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

It takes money to make money

Did you know that it takes money to work for someone else, for yourself, to own your own business, or to work for a boss?

Yes you heard right. I offer a work at home program where a person can actually make a very nice income from home without ever selling anything and sharing this wonderful system with 3 people that they would like to see live a nice life too and help those 3 people do the same just like you did sharing it with them.

People say, but Jack I don’t have to pay anything to go to work every day. I say ok well let’s talk about this for a few moments.

We all heard that time is more valuable than gold itself and can never be replaced once it is used. Not sure if you know this but the average person spends $40.00 a week on fuel to get to work and back home. Then you must fuel the body and the average person eats out for lunch and they spend around $5.00 a day which is $25.00 a week on lunch. I am going to stop there on the expenses although I can easily (and everyone knows it) go on and on with many people paying for daycare, maintenance of the vehicle, coffee, office supplies if needed, and so much more just to get back and forth to working for the MAN.

So a minimum of $65.00 a week $260.00 a month just to go to work. What about your commute… Ya I know, I won’t even go there.

Ok so to work from home. I am promoting a Company that makes everything easy. Become your very own travel agent and help 3 other people do the same thing you are about to do with so many tax write offs with the new tax app for your smart phone.

To work for this company there are a few of prerequisites. 1, you need to think positive and be determined to work smart. You need to be disciplined and treat this like a normal job for the first month. 2, you need to be able to justify the small fee associated with being in business for yourself but not by yourself. The upfront cost is super low and you get it back once you share it with 3 others and they become members too. 3, persistence pays off. I always say to discipline yourself and work hard early in the day, early in the week, early in the month and early in the year because once you build your empire, the rest is easy sailing from there.

Many people are just uneducated when it comes to making money online and working from home. Not stupid at all, just need a bit of information. The sad thing is, many greedy people take advantage of this and build up so much hype around a scam program, putting images of the hottest exotic vehicles and the largest houses with gems and cash, only to lure you in and never pay a cent.

I stay away from such false glam and I teach my friends to do the same. I am so happy to have been invited to this company where people actually care about you and want to see you succeed. “A leisure life” is about to save my life financially and allows me to do the same for others.

This program only cost $149.99 plus $19.99 application fee (total $169.98 to become a business builder on my team) and a low $99.00 a month for what is called auto ship. I love that because without the $99.00 there would be no residual, and we ALL love residual. One of the beautiful things about this is, that when you get 3 people you receive a check for $150.00 which basically pays for your initial cost. Also, you get them 3 people and your monthly is paid for. There are so many incentives but I will leave that for a later discussion because I do not want to overwhelm you.

I say this. Look into this company, compare with the other programs you see out there, look at the costs involved, ask yourself and your spouse, can I/we do this, and join today. I will help you close your first 3 people so you can see just how easy the process really is and then you can do the same for your other friends. Join now and let’s build a nice stable income together.

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