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Thursday, October 1, 2015

Do you have attainable goals? Do you dream big? Financially speaking.

This will be the month (October 2015) when we all start on the road to our goals and chase our dreams, financially.

I've been talking with hundreds of people from all over the world pretty much on a daily basis and I get that wonderful honor to listen to so many amazing stories and what people are thinking about in regards to their goals and dreams.

Let me tell you mine for a second since I get asked all the time.

My goal is to be the number producing affiliate in the company I'm currently working with, it's called A Leisure Life. As of right now I'm on that path and things are going SUPER!

My dreams are to own 180 acres somewhere in the Northwest part of the States, like in Oregon or Washington. Be able to build a comfortable home totally off the grid (All solar, wind and a wonderful well for my tasty water) a small produce farm and 6 sweet hunter cabin type retreat homes for my immediate family members when things get bad down in the city. A killer Dodge Ram 3500 with semi truck type stacks with that turbo cummins diesel engine and that hefty Allison transmission to pull my beautiful 5th wheel trailer around the world.

Ya, it's simple and basic. But that's just me. Some dream of a Lamborghini, Ferrari, other exotic cars and a 700 room mansion by an Olympic sized pool, which is all find and dandy. There are no right or wrong answers here. As long as we have an attainable, achievable non far-fetched goals and dreams. It's also healthy and fun to dream HUGE!

Anyone can do anything they want, when they believe in themselves. When you stop letting other people get in your way of success by talking down about your goals and dreams. If you put an end to all the negative thinking. No more allowing the TV or other distractions get in the way of your progress. Just make it happen.

Here are a few images I have for your consideration. Enjoy.

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