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Monday, September 21, 2015

Use of ads to help promote your online programs.

Most companies you work for online have to do with the "selling" of a product in order to get more people to join your business right?

With the travel company that I love so much and promote, it takes no selling or convincing when you have and offer something everyone wants.

When you get as many offers to other companies around the world as often as I do and you compare every aspect (apples to apples so to speak) of the entire program (comp plan, training support, product(s), structure, longevity, vision, etc.) to A Leisure Life, then sales and convincing go right out the door. It's never part of my "pitch" when I share this amazing company with people. It's truly easy.

I post ads on the Internet. I receive many calls a day. I then tell people a little about what I do, I then share a video or 2 with people and I leave it up to them. Everyone is interested NO MATTER WHAT, if they're looking for a way to better their life. Whether it be they simply want to make a little extra income in their spare time or they want to get the lowest prices guaranteed on their travel. It's a total win win for them.

Here is one of the MANY sample ads I place online that's been working amazingly:

Sample ad

"About us:

Our Corporate Offices

Sandy, Utah 84070

We also operate worldwide online by allowing our sales force to perform person to person and business to business sales of our exclusive membership packages for the ultimate lowest price guarantee on all travel and leisure activities.

I am looking for 3-7 people in the NWA area that want to join my fast growing team.

-Entry level marketing consultants

-Advanced online marketers

Plenty of opportunity for growth inside the company.

Seeking motivated and hardworking individuals who would like the opportunity to learn and grow with a worldwide organization.

I will train ALL applicants that join".

Again, there's no sales involved in this company. No for me anyway.

I would love to see more people become part of this members only travel company so you too can take a wonderful vacation without having to spend a fortune.

Where would you like to go in the next few weeks with your family?

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