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Thursday, May 25, 2017

Current news on the greatest crypto currency on earth, "Bitcoin".


I usually don't send out an update two days in a row, but since I sent you the email 24 hours ago showing Bitcoin at $2,400, it's gone up by basically $400, it's at $2795.00 on Coinbase as I write this. I do actually expect a dip, but just like the dip last week when BTC soared to $1,865 and then there was a sell-off and it dropped to $1,625 in day, well it just shot back up and now here we are at basically a $1,000 increase. Don't worry about dips, in fact they are a great time to buy.

Yesterday I said there is a trend in the overall increase percentage of the BTC value in a 30 day period, yesterday it was 93% over 30 days, today it is 118% increase in the last 30 days, we broke the 100% mark. At this rate, before the end of June the BTC will surpass $5,000.00 - Why is it going up so quickly, and will it continue? I say the answer is yes, and here are the reasons "why".

1. Hedge funds are investing in BTC.

2. Governments are now accepting of BTC, one example is Japan which just announced bitcoin had become a legal payment method in the country.

3. More and more businesses globally are accepting BTC, Ulmart, Russia's largest online retailer, said it would begin accepting bitcoin.

4. The national currency of China was just downgraded by Moodys, and with more BTC users than any other country in the world, their citizens also want an appreciating currency (BTC) versus a depreciating currency which is exactly what is happening. Demand in all of Asia for Bitcoins is growing daily.

5. Supply and Demand: Supply and demand are the two most fundamental concepts in modern economics, and they have a dramatic impact on one another. If demand outstrips supply, then prices rise. However, if supply is greater than demand, prices-drop. This is true in every deregulated market, and is essential for understanding the increase in Bitcoin’s price. The higher the demand for bitcoin, the higher prices will be, and the demand just keeps increasing. As for supply, Bitcoin’s supply is relegated by the currency itself. Bitcoin founder Natoshi Nakamoto stipulated that the maximum supply of bitcoin be set at 21 million. Meaning once 21 million bitcoins are mined, no more new coins will ever enter circulation. This is in stark contrast to national currencies. Governments generally increase the money supply every year, which is one of the key reasons for inflation and the gradual devaluation of currencies. More people want BTC than government currencies, so the demand keeps going up.

There are a lot of other reasons the BTC will continue to increase in value, if you're truly interested, do some research so I don't bore everyone. What is important is that there are three ways I know of the get BTC, mine it (good luck with that), buy-it (getting more expensive by the second), or earn it. Easiest way to earn it is the Gladia program, get 2.222% a day, plus great bonuses if you refer other people and then even more if you help them to do the same.

Take a look for yourself.

Thank you Stephen for all the research that you do DAILY!