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Monday, February 8, 2016

Do you want to be amused? Then just talk to people daily like I do.

People pay good money to be entertained or amused.

For me, I just need to talk to people and listen to them for a few minutes to be very amused. Their reasonings on things just blow my mind.

Take for example a few paragraphs I have listed below.

To set the theme here, I will be talking about what I talk about the most, working from home using the Internet.

I teach people around the world how to make money work for them. How they can join a real company online with as little as $24.99 (the business part of it, because the membership costs even less) and the company will send them monthly income checks for sharing this business with others (it's called affiliate marketing).

Just in case you haven't heard of that yet, look at Amazon and thousands of other companies now doing this because it saves the company millions each month by allowing people to sell, market and advertise the companies products/services without having to staff hundreds of those same people in offices around the world.

Ok, so how much does it cost you to go to the movies these days?

$12.00 for the ticket, $5.00 for popcorn, $3.00 for a soda. Ok so you only want the movie ticket.

Awesome, you just spent $12.00 on a great movie.

Go to the stadium and watch a baseball or football game. I usually spend around $100.00 on the ticket, food and drinks,

Gym memberships (I totally encourage everyone to get or maintain health and exercise daily) can cost $19.00 a month. Great investment for your body. Keep it the good work.

Costco and Sam's Club. Wholesale food club memberships. $55-$110.00 a year. That's a great membership right there.

I can go on and on with the amazing benefits of owning a membership and giving yourself much needed entertainment to be amused.

But just imagine receiving an override on all sales from that theater, stadium, Costco store and the gym... What would you do with all that extra cash?

But what really get's me and amuses me when talking to people on a daily basis, is this; I explain how they can save all kinds of money on ALL their travel needs with our exclusive vacation club membership and you should hear the excuses I receive. OH MY. I cannot help by laugh (after the call is finished of course).

No other company on earth can offer you the prices we can. This is the best membership you should belong to. Even if you do not travel that often or at all. All the other benefits you receive for pennies on the dollar outweigh the costs associated with this membership.

For a one-time cost of $14.99 a person can travel anytime they want! They will receive the GUARANTEED lowest cost anywhere! They can now shop in their very own online virtual mall! They now get all kinds of local discounts to all kinds of shops, car repair and maintenance! FREE GOLF! Concert tickets! Flights! So much more and more to come.

What about the making money part of this company. Did you know that owning and running your own business is anywhere from $50,000 to $1.4 million from starting your own or doing a franchise?

With starting a real business with A Leisure Life, you get a virtual franchise, not for $1.4 million, but for around $24.99 and you are on your way to making a real steady paycheck each and every month.

I share this with thousands, yet very few say they can afford it. I call that BS! These are the same people that have 10 different memberships, pay $1500 bucks on a huge TV and are the same people complaining about living paycheck to paycheck.

I am here to give you a handout!

Try this, stop smoking 50 packs of cigarettes a day. Drink 1 less coffee a day. Cancel other over priced unnecessary memberships.

Today YOU can finally make a little extra income and make your family happy because for a tiny investment and hard work, you are now bringing in some money to help with bills, rent, mortgage, gas, food or anything else.

Stop making up funny and sad excuses. If I want to be amused, I will go to an amusement park.

You will want to spend a few moments and watch the videos on this page.

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